FREE energy assessment for impressive savings!



Mallard Energy Systems, Inc. is your “go to” company when it comes to improving your home´s energy efficiency and comfort. Our Free home energy inspection helps homeowners like you increase the performance for their lighting, appliances, heating and cooling systems. Our solutions save energy, lower utility bills and will overall lead to a more comfortable home enviroment.

We visit your home at a time of your convenience to perform your home´s free energy assessment. Our staff has years of industry knowledge and are industry certified.

In addition, we are highly knowledgeable on all the energy rebate programs and tax incentives that are available to homeowners within Massachusetts. Mallard Energy Systems, Inc. works closely with Utility Companies and the Department of Energy to ensure that home owners, like you, are able to take full advantage of any Massachusetts available energy saving incentives.

Our free home assessment and the implementation of the resulting plan will easily pay you back over time. With the rebates and incentives that Massachusetts offers, there’s no better time than now to get started.

We check everything! The correct insulation, ventilation, air sealing and lighting will reduce energy loss and will help make your home a more comfortable one all year round.

With years of residential energy efficiency expertise on staff and our partnership with MASS SAVE, Mallard Energy Systems, Inc. will ensure you a successful home efficiency project that will save you energy and money now and in the future!